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Today we released new, simpler pricing plans to better suit the people who use Prevue every day — and are available in all accounts as monthly subscriptions.


Plans are structured to reflect how much you use Prevue, and the type of organisation you're a part of. So if you're a single designer sharing concepts with your clients — then the Freelancer Plan is perfect, and affordable at just $10/month.

Similarly, for agencies with lots of contributors and images — the Agency Plan is built specifically for you, and goes hand in hand with the recent infrastructure updates.

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All new accounts come with a free 7-day trial of the Studio Plan — which gives you access to all the great features and high limits, without any obligation... no credit card required. Try Prevue today

Already a customer?

If you're already on a subscription, this update won't affect you at all — you'll continue to pay the same, and enjoy the exact same image, project and team limits you've always had. Of course, if you'd like to jump to a different plan you can do that through your Account Settings.

As always if you've got any questions or feedback, we'd love to hear from you — leave a comment below, or get in touch via Twitter or Email

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