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Up until today, Project settings have been locked away, available only to higher plans. But they're just too good to hide, so they've been given a lick of paint and are now available to everyone.

These advanced settings give you greater control over how your projects behave — and come with some features I know a lot of people will find useful. They've also been bundled with updated limits, including unlimited group creation. You can find these new features by visiting the Settings tab in your account.

Control the image navigation


Having the image nav in fullscreen mode is useful most of the time, but sometimes it can just get in the way. Luckily, in your Project Settings, you can decide how this navigation is shown - choose from always visible, fading out after a period of inactivity, or not shown at all.

Auto-protect & Google Analytics

Whilst these features aren't particularly glamorous, they're definite timesavers for power users. Firstly, integrate with your Google Analytics account (read the setup guide) to get more accurate statistics on your public project and image views. Secondly, set a master password which automatically protects any newly created projects.


Unlimited groups

Finally, the limit on the number of groups you can create has been lifted — previously restricted to 2 per account, you can now create as many groups as you want.

To create a group: visit the Groups tab in your account, or drag one project on top of the other in your Library.


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